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Fraud management is of vital importance to companies trying to protect their digital assets. The impact of breaches can extend far beyond the immediate financial loss into crippling long-term privacy, intellectual property, company reputation, and customer losses. Customers are demanding anytime, anywhere access to products, services, and information through digital channels. With a proliferation of new devices, an increasingly mobile consumer and tighter omni-channel integration, disconnected approaches to securing a company’s assets and lack of visibility has created a fraud problem that is growing at an exponential pace. This new normal creates unprecedented challenges for organizations as they look to extend security to new channels while doing so without disrupting the customer experience. Extending the scope of security measures would appear to be a necessity. Yet, organizations are always faced with the task of the security vs. convenience balancing act, in a time where convenience will win out most of the time

RSA FraudAction offers a single external threat management service that provides proactive detection and mitigation of online threats such as phishing, Trojans and mobile rogue apps. Additionally, customers can gain deeper insight into emerging threats with intelligence reports and data feeds that provide deep visibility into the cybercrime underground. At the heart of FraudAction lies the Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC), RSA’s 24x7 operation that is staffed by over 140 analysts (in 2 global centers) that analyze tens of millions of potential threats every day and protect millions of end users around the world.

  • Reduce fraud attacks targeting your organization up to 90%
  • 24/7 end-to-end protection against phishing, Trojan and mobile rogue app attacks
  • Access to detailed attack reports via an online dashboard and API
  • Intelligence reports and feeds on latest online threats and fraud trends.
  • Complete external threat mitigation
  • ​Recover stolen credentials to reduce the fraud impact on your customers
  • No integration required; simple and quick setup process
  • Blocking access to malicious websites