Providing and Sustaining a Fair Work Environment

Providing and maintaining a fair working environment is one of our top priorities. We fully comply with all legal regulations prepared in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights in our business processes. Creating healthy and safe working environments for our employees is our main duty towards our employees. We believe that the peace of mind created by an atmosphere of respect, understanding and trust in our working life relationships affects the wholehearted commitment and success of our employees and we make great efforts in this regard.

We act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we carry out our activities regarding our principles, working life.

We expect our employees, our suppliers and subcontractors with whom we cooperate to act in accordance with the law and to fulfill their responsibilities completely.

In our Human Resources policies and practices; Recruitment, Career Planning and Employee Development, Remuneration, Rewarding, Social Rights etc. we ensure that all practices are fair.

We do not accept discrimination among our employees based on language, race, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar reasons.

We respect the privacy of our employees' private lives and attach utmost importance to keeping their personal information confidential.