Identity management aims to improve security and productivity while reducing costs and redundant tasks.


Identity management, determining and defining the information, rights and authorities of any user in an institution or application, in accordance with the legislation and standards, technically safe and administratively correct; instantly and continuously with the right technologies, in a regular, high quality and performance manner; It is executed with a useful security approach. This system enables the creation of credentials of all assets (users, groups, computers, servers, network devices) within the IT system of an organization, updating all changes that occur in the life cycle and accessing all resources within the organization from a single point, based on the identity information of individuals. and it includes all procedures to be performed in accordance with the laws / standards. Defining the relations between the user identities (domain, operating system, corporate application, e-mail etc. accounts) in the data processing and executing them centrally; At the same time, it enables the changes (account creation, deletion, role assignment, group creation, authorization, access control, password management, etc.) that occur in the life cycle of user accounts to be managed from a single point.

With the Identity Management solutions offered by Natica, while increasing the security, efficiency and quality of e-business processes, it also reduces costs by effectively controlling access to information and resources; It provides a great advantage to businesses in terms of compliance with laws and related legislation.