Enhanced visibility, analytics and action for technology and security risks


For IT and security functions to provide a detailed picture of technology-related risks, multiple operational groups need to collaborate and work in coordination.

Today's ever-changing threats and incidents increase the interest of senior management in how the organization should deal with cyber risks more comfortably. Security is increasingly affected by today's technology changes, especially with the transition of technology components to the cloud and suppliers. Organizations rely more on 3rd parties for critical processes in their daily routines and IT services. This transformation increases the density of both security and compliance requirements.

RSA Archer® provides an approach model that allows to reduce today's security threats, poorly aligned security practices and operational security compliance risk. In addition, it allows to minimize the risk of weak or faulty security practices and operational compliance errors by effectively managing security threats. With RSA Archer, you can identify which assets are critical to your business, manage security policies and standards, and follow compliance, detect and respond to attacks quickly, identify security gaps and fix them with remedial actions. RSA Archer IT Risk and Security Management provides a variety of usage scenarios, including the following options, to meet your business needs while maturing your risk program.

  • IT & Security Policy Program Management
  • IT Risk Management
  • IT Security Vulnerabilities Program
  • Cyber Incident & Breach Response
  • Cyber Risk Quantification
  • IT Controls Assurance
  • IT Regulatory Management
  • PCI Management
  • Information Security Management System