"Machine learning will automate jobs that most people thought could only be done by people."
Dave Waters


Today, understanding security data becomes more difficult due to increasingly complex attack techniques. When extra factors such as compromised accounts, cloud infrastructure, vulnerabilities, IOT and BYOD are included in the game, the environment and inventory to be protected increase; Signature-based traditional security devices (Firewall, IPS, etc.) are not sufficient for this protection.

Organizations are in need of machine learning and behavior-based network analysis technologies to detect these sophisticated threats and to take action against the detected threats.

Behavior-based network analysis technology proactively analyzes all traffic copy of your network, extracts behavioral patterns, learns the normal of your system, and warns you against all internal and external threats and anomalies that may occur in your system after this learning. At this point, as Natica, our responsibility is to understand the demand for an NTA technology need correctly and to offer you the NTA solution that works in an integrated topology with your security devices.