We only sell technologies for which we are specialized; We offer the technical support of all products we sell with our own resources.

The Natica Support Engineers team provides you with technical assistance for the products offered by Natica, leveraging their technical and functional expertise and deep security and compliance knowledge.

Our Support Team is positioned to provide 24x7x365 coverage. Our customers can contact us by phone, email or online via our Support Portal.

Technical Support Services

Natica offers a Service Level Agreement that will best meet your needs. Our support services program includes a formal upgrade procedure that provides an effective solution to all your problems and questions.

1. Priority Very High It is the problem that causes the service to be completely out of service.
2. Priority High It is the problem that a sub-part of the service becomes out of service or prevents the whole from providing its normal service. (Performance problems that prevent the whole from providing normal service are considered as urgent priority.)
3. Priority Medium These are problems that do not prevent the normal functioning of the entire service, but prevent both performance and less important sub-services from serving.
4. Priority Low It indicates a future problem that does not hinder the normal functioning of the whole system or sub-services.

Technical Account Manager

Natica assigns a Technical Support Account Manager (TDMY) for each support customer. TDMY acts as an extension of your team and monitors your environment, setup, requirements and support history for the products served and ensures coordination with the required Natica support units.