We monitor, manage, support and optimize your IT environment.

"Increase your efficiency, reduce your total cost of ownership."

Submit your IT systems to Natica experts so you can focus on high-value tasks.

Natica provides you with technical information, service continuity and flexible use of resources to manage and protect your IT systems.

Our proven effective methods will minimize disruption, increase operational efficiency and reduce your costs with our ability to work remotely or on site. You will benefit from improved security and better compatibility.

Within the scope of our managed services, we provide services to our customers under the following headings:

Managing Information, Managing Information Security

The core of our managed services offering is our help desk support for SLA-focused resolution of problems encountered in your systems.

Functional Support

Increase the quality and reduce the support cost by providing quick solutions to your problems and requests related to the functional application. Natica offers functional expertise and support for Oracle Cloud, E-Business Suite and RSA Archer and RSA IDM.

Platform Management

Hosting your application is just one part of the platform management. You need the accuracy of the platform settings and resource optimization to make sure your application is running at peak performance.

Your Cyber Security

In order to get the highest performance from your cyber security applications, we ensure that your systems work smoothly and integrated with our expert engineers. We determine the actions to be taken in cyber security situations that give alarm and take action with you. We identify possible threats with their sources and work together to eliminate these threats.