20 Years of Experience in Oracle Technologies


DBA Services, Remote DBA Services, Cloud DBA Services

Whether your database is on-premise or in the cloud, Natica helps you with high-quality database monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, backup, and recovery services.

Natica is providing comprehensive database management services to businesses of all sizes, including consulting, implementation, and managed database services.

Serving at Oracle Gold Partner level, Natica offers first-class Oracle DBA service with its expert knowledge covering Oracle E-Business Management System and similar business applications, in addition to its experience in managing hundreds of Oracle databases and data-based applications in almost all known operating systems and many different industries. Our experienced DBA team supports MS SQL and MySQL databases as well as Oracle databases.

Why Natica?

When you choose Natica DBA services, you, as a company, have privileges such as reduction in downtime, improved application performance and scalability, fast solution finding, and a high-quality end-user experience. A dedicated team responsible for your satisfaction serves you and you gain access to our technical leaders.

Natica DBA services are successful and in-demand thanks to the features listed below:

  • Strong technical competence
  • Fast action time
  • Flexible contracts
  • 24/7 support
  • Dedicated DBA technical team
  • Remote or onsite DBA support
  • Strict SLA tracking
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Most importantly, the trust and peace we offer to those responsible for auditing critical databases