E-Mail Security

Be suspicious of any unexpected email attachments even if they appear to be from someone you know.


Today, 91% of cyber-attacks start with an e-mail. For attackers, it is much easier to target users who are the weakest link in cybersecurity in an organization than to attack other components protected by many layers of security. When big data leak incidents are examined, it will be seen that these leaks mostly started with a simple 'phishing' e-mail. For this reason, ensuring e-mail security is one of the top priority security stages in an institution. In signature-based and reputation-based e-mail security solutions, the priority is the strong antivirus and intelligence capabilities of the manufacturer. These features will increase protection against known phishing and malicious content attacks.

In e-mail security, APT (sandbox) solutions should be used against ZeroDay attacks. Hundreds of 0-day harmful content are produced and delivered to institutions every day with developing techniques and target-oriented attacks. Signature and reputation-based solutions are insufficient in this regard. With a powerful sandbox solution, measures should also be taken against Zero Day attacks. At this point, Natica's goal is to position an e-mail security product with the solutions it offers to your organization with the best practices and to protect you against email-based attacks.