Get complete visibility of your entire software estate and get them secure.

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One of the most important problems faced by companies, especially large companies with thousands of PCs and servers, is asset management. After all the investments made in Cyber Security, institutions cannot be completely sure that all devices in their inventory are protected, and this problem poses an operational risk. This is because traditional inventory management is managed by IT teams without considering the cyber security needs of the organization.

Finding out on which PC or server an agent is not installed is one of the most important problems facing security teams. Generally, manual comparison of different information taken from many different sources and finding its deficiencies are very time consuming processes. Even if this process is done, it is never possible to reach a completely correct result since there is no correct database source that can be taken as reference.

The asset management solution we provide as Natica is integrated with different technologies operating within the organization, and can bring together the data obtained from these technologies without the need for a reference database information, and present the desired result in seconds and with full accuracy.