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When it comes to cyber security, the first solution that many people think of is antivirus software. Antivirus software, which is insufficient against advanced attack types, have also developed themselves against these developing attacks. Previously, only signature-based antiviruses now include features such as behavior monitoring, reputation control, firewall, IPS / IDS, application control, device control, and whitelisting. EDR (Endpoint Detection Response) technology, which is another important component of Endpoint security area, has become indispensable for many organizations. With EDR solutions, it is aimed that institutions can respond as quickly as possible to any negative situation that may be experienced. Comprehensive analysis of malicious content, tracking its movement within the organization, and investigating an intelligence throughout the enterprise are among the advantages of EDR solutions. In addition, the EDR technology used in the institution is integrated with network and e-mail security solutions in accordance with the institution's layered cyber security understanding, making a great contribution to the cyber security of the institution. It is of great importance that a pest detected in the network or e-mail layer is searched in the fastest and automated way in all PCs and servers and that measures are taken against this pest at the endpoint layer.

The perception that antivirus software on end user computers is sufficient for security has become established. However, the increasing variety of security threats and the rapid transformation capabilities of these threats made security solutions inadequate and antivirus software alone became unable to meet expectations. Besides antivirus software; Endpoint Protection technology has emerged due to the necessity of solutions such as firewall, IPS, application and device control, behavior monitoring and the need to protect the end user against multiple threats.

Natica offers its customers Endpoint Protection technologies to benefit from multi-layered defense applications, as well as protect against both today's and tomorrow's potential threats and minimize vulnerabilities on the end user side.