Spend your resources right with the right licensing.

Technology products licensing is often complex, and differences in perspective can confront the user and the manufacturer. Licensing difficulties may arise at some stages due to additional licensing requirements that may arise during commercial growth or due to system owners activating too many features.

Thanks to Natica's "License Assessment Service", you can find out if the technology products you own are licensed correctly with a comprehensive review. We also guarantee that you will not spend too much on licensing.

Our team, serving at the Gold Partner level of the most well-known technology manufacturers in the world, determines your license compliance using the same tools as the manufacturers and helps you manage your licenses successfully.

Benefits of Our License Services:

  • Preparation for inspections
  • Scaling licenses correctly
  • License cost optimization
  • Compliance and audit consultancy
  • Correct scaling and revision in renovations
  • Correct scaling in additional licenses
  • Our team has saved millions of dollars to our customers with our license evaluation services.

A Definitive Assessment of Over or Under License Use

As Natica, we provide you with a detailed study covering license evaluations, ensuring that you are sure of your investment. We provide actionable information to maintain compliance by validating your internal controls. We share with you a complete view of your technology assets and usage to reuse unused license and align your existing licenses with your business strategy.