Natica prides itself on its leadership in the IT services industry. As part of this, we are aware of our responsibility to protect all data we hold or process, whether it belongs to Natica, our employees, partners, customers or suppliers. By protecting this data, we maintain our reputation as a reliable employer and business partner. This allows us to grow as a business and to serve our customers.

To demonstrate its commitment to information security, Natica implements industry best practice security controls and guarantees the effectiveness of our controls with ISO 27001 certification, the global standard for managing information security.

It is the responsibility of all our personnel, regardless of their degree, to be familiar with our security management processes and to comply with all information security and privacy policies and the underlying procedures.

On the other hand, while ensuring that our security management systems and processes are efficient and effective and that our data assets are continuously improved, we avoid reputational losses, legal and financial damages that may result from a data breach.

Our Executive Board fully supports the information security management system and ensures that all our staff, subcontractors and suppliers do the same.