Centralized, consolidated and risk based audit approach


More than half of senior managers do not believe that the internal audit function adds significant value to their organization. To change this perception, a coordinated, risk-oriented, objective assurance, preserving and improving organizational value with foresight should be adopted.

Organizations need to check the accuracy and validity of the data in the reports regarding technological infrastructure, finance and business units submitted to the board of directors after the horizontal or vertical growth process. The successful execution of internal audit activities in organizations and providing added value is only possible with effective management of audit activities. With the adoption of a risk management perspective in institutions and the increase in responsibilities, internal audit teams have become more business with less resources due to increased audit efforts due to regulatory audits on sectoral obligations and limited operational budgets. Many audit units still carry out their internal processes by reporting manual and printed working papers.

You can integrate the most critical areas of process and technical controls into your audit framework with a risk-oriented audit model by cooperating with risk and compliance units. This approach provides an assurance model for the board, allowing you to focus on strategic business / technology initiatives and highlight the value your audit team adds to the organization.

Audit plays a critical role as a third line of defense to provide senior management with independent assurance on risk and compliance objectives. RSA Archer® enables better management of audit-related activities with a common risk and control perspective, while allowing you to control the entire audit life cycle and provide instant and consistent reporting to senior management.

With RSA Archer®, you can complete more comprehensive audits faster by increasing the efficiency of your audit department, and combine your entire audit process (audit plans, working papers, risks, findings) online in a single system. You can create annual audit plans and quickly review your audit team, budgets and resource planning. With real-time reports and graphs, you can quickly identify openings regarding the organization and effectively manage the actions to be implemented.

RSA Archer® offers complementary usage scenarios with the ability to provide methods suitable for your audit model.

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  • Audit Planning & Quality
  • Issues Management