Know your priorities and improve resilience through better risk management


It is becoming more difficult to manage organizations with new products and services, processes, technologies, and even suppliers and employees they add every day. Each added component also increases the complexity of business processes, critical IT infrastructures or third-party relationships. The constantly changing corporate ecosystem, cyber attacks, and possible natural disasters require the resilience of the organization.

The importance of business processes should be determined and priorities should be listed for recovery planning and resilience / resilience measures. For critical business functions and supporting infrastructures, the main goal from the business continuity perspective should be to be prepared for a disaster, crisis or interruption, and to respond quickly, accurately and consistently in case of any incident. In this context, business continuity and recovery plans should ensure that the relevant business function is operational within an acceptable period in such unwanted situations.

RSA Archer® offers an integrated approach to business continuity and disaster recovery processes, allowing you to act faster to protect your ongoing operations in case of emergency. In this way, you can evaluate the status of business processes and service technologies, and follow the approvals and exercises of detailed business continuity and disaster recovery plans under a single structure with automatic work flow setups. While instant graphs and reports provide visibility for business continuity teams and senior management, they also help them understand the continuity risks and budget requirements more clearly.

  • IntegratedIntegrated
  • ConsistentConsistent
  • CoordinatingCoordinating

Completely compliant with the ISO22301 standard, RSA Archer® has various usage scenarios capable of providing methods that will quickly respond to your organization's business continuity needs and priorities.

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Incident Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Continuity & It Disaster Recovery Planning