We are successful when our customers say about us:

They transparently define and deliver the job, we know exactly what to expect from them.

They work with consultants with high technical skills and experience, the results they produce are always successful.

They have respect for what they do, they make the best of it.

We trust Natica, we see Natica as our long-term business partner, we profoundly reference their work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Sustainability
    We offer innovative and sustainable services by integrating different solutions.
  • Respect for Nature
    We respect nature at every stage of our professional life.
  • Technological Development
    We contribute to creating a better world by using our technology and capabilities.
  • Equal Opportunities
    We create an environment where stable and equal opportunities are offered for our employees.
  • Social Benefit
    We observe the social benefit criteria in our solutions.

As Natica, we are committed to strict adherence to all our legal and financial obligations. We stick to ethical rules in our business management style and in our relations with all interest groups.

In addition, we aim to be a respected member of our society and an industry leader in terms of technological development as well as economic and social development.

For this reason, we strictly adhere to the following subjects in all areas of our professional work:

  • Establishing a sustainable work environment that motivates a high-quality workforce and where equal opportunities prevail.

  • Using technology and our abilities to develop socially beneficial solutions within the framework of respect for nature, to develop corporate volunteering, and to create a better world day by day.

Committed to Standards

iso 9001 2015iso 27001 2013iso 10002

Our management systems allow us to improve our Quality, Information Security and Customer Satisfaction Policies.

You can check the scopes of our Quality, Information Security and Customer Satisfaction certificates.