Manage Your Third Party Risk Effectively


It is not possible for institutions to take care of all their technological needs. Nowadays, third parties / suppliers are used more often to deliver or expand products and services. Therefore, organizations are faced with more negative stories about defective products, service disruptions and third-party data breaches from suppliers.

RSA Archer® Third Party Governance supports the suppliers with which your organization is associated with a process structure that meets regulatory sanctions within the framework of integrated risk management (IRM). It allows you to evaluate controls over the services provided by third parties to your organization. These evaluations are presented in various categories, including risks such as financial, contractual, information security, business continuity. With the solution offered, you can actively monitor the risk scores of third-party contracts, and provide fast and consistent guidance when necessary. By standardizing your third-party risk and performance management process throughout the organization, it provides the opportunity to identify the controls within a common perspective to quickly understand, prioritize and manage risks, and to detect potential weaknesses early. At the same time, you can ensure that its performance is monitored with an effective governance model as well as reducing risks from third parties / suppliers.

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